5 Symptoms of Prediabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore


Prediabetes is a condition in which a person’s blood sugar levels are chronically elevated, but not high enough to indicate full-blown diabetes. It means that a combination of risk factors puts you down the road to type 2 diabetes and all of the negative health consequences. hinting. According to some estimates, type 2 diabetes can add 10 years to your life. The good news is that prediabetes is reversible. The sooner you identify the problem, the sooner you can reverse some of the risk factors for the disease. such as being overweight or obese, living a sedentary lifestyle and consuming too much added sugar.There is also a genetic component that you cannot change, but you can still protect yourself by paying close attention to a healthy diet and exercise program. Your doctor should already be monitoring your blood sugar during your regular check-ups, but how can you tell? if you have prediabetes all year round? There are some subtle symptoms that together could mean trouble. Some, like #3 and #4, are misleading and do not appear to be linked to prediabetes, although they are. Read on to be proactive about the risk of prediabetes.

1. High Blood Pressure

People with high pressure are at associate multiplied risk of prediabetes as a result of cardiovascular disease forces the center to figure harder to maneuver blood round the body. This successively makes it harder for the body to eliminate excess sugar from the bloodstream. cardiovascular disease and prediabetes are conditions that exacerbate every other, and studies have shown that having each greatly will increase your risk of heart failure. Unfortunately, both prediabetes and high blood pressure are for the most part well at first. If you recognize that you just have hypertension, you ought to get serious regarding preventing prediabetes right away.

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2. Unexplained Increase in Hunger

Sugar, or aldohexose, may be a fuel supply we’d like to power our bodies. however after we get too much, internal secretion created by the duct gland becomes unable to method glucose effectively. That leaves tons of sugar floating round the blood, wherever it can not be used for energy. As a result, you’ll feel hungry presently when a meal, as a result of your body hasn’t gotten what it needs. Hunger is typically an honest cue to eat more, but within the case of prediabetes, it won’t help the problem. it’s higher to drink some water to assist flush additional sugar come in your urine, and partake in light exercise to enhance your body’s internal secretion sensitivity.

3. Blurry Vision

Both prediabetes and full blown polygenic disorder can negatively impact your vision. once blood glucose levels swing wildly from high to low, it can cause fluid to leak into the lens of your eye. That happens as a result of your body has gone into overdrive to drag the maximum amount water as attainable from cells so as to flush out excess sugar. The result on your eyes is that they swell and alter shape, eventually preventing them from focusing properly. There are tons of alternative potential causes for muzzy vision, however if you’ll link yours with any of the other symptoms on our list, prediabetes might be the culprit.

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4. Skin Problems

Sometimes issues on the within of our bodies manifest on the outside. Prediabetes is understood to cause shiny, scaly patches as an alternative dark, velvety patches on the skin, because of redoubled levels of internal secretion within the blood. Prediabetes additionally begins to compromise blood circulation, which might cause itchiness in your extremities, particularly the legs. Full blown diabetics are in danger of losing a foot due to severely compromised circulation, so you want to act quick if you believe your skin problems are relating to prediabetes.

5. Increased Thirst

Increased thirst, particularly when a meal, will signal prediabetes. Your body has begun to figure terribly exhausting to eliminate excess aldohexose from the bloodstream, and one in all the ways that it will this can be by diluting the blood and flushing unprocessed sugar out via urine. to induce that water, your body can often pull it from close cells, feat them dehydrated and you inveterately thirsty. after you are latched during this vicious cycle, you’ll expertise dehydration regardless of what quantity you drink. However, there’s some proof that staying properly hydrous on a commonplace can facilitate prevent the event of prediabetes and eventually, sort two diabetes. Water and blood glucose regulation go hand in hand.

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